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ASU TESOL Students Spend Two Weeks Abroad With CIEE TEFL!

In 2017, CIEE TEFL partnered with ASU TESOL (Teach English Now!) to offer international opportunities to ASU's TESOL students. Sandra M., completed ASU's online course, then boarded a plane to complete two weeks of practicum in Rome, Italy with CIEE. 

We asked Sandra about her experience, check it out!


Why did you decide to participate on Destination TEFL Rome?

I choose the TEFL Destination to teach English Foreign Language in Western Europe because I find this part of the world intriguing on a personal ancestral basis as well as a socio-cultural and linguistic one.  My short -term goal was to complete my TEFL certification which I gained valuable insight and hands on experience teaching English abroad.

Did this in-person practicum complement your online course? If so, how?

This in -person practicum married up nicely to my online course.  The practicum in Rome allowed me to utilize my knowledge, skills and abilities in a real-life setting. which has provided me with the tools I needed to be successful and go forth in my career.

Do you feel CIEE’s TEFL course and two weeks in Rome prepared you to be an English teacher?

Yes, I sincerely believe that participating in the CIEE’s TEFL course for the two weeks in Rome was a valuable experience as it prepared me for a teaching position.  It allowed me a personal insight of what would it would be like to live and teach in another foreign country.  Because of this experience it has provided me with the knowledge, tools and confidence that I could teach in another country.  I believe that the two weeks in Rome were invaluable to preparing me to teach English in a foreign country.

What was your favorite part about your two weeks in Rome?

One of my favorite part of the two weeks in Rome was the people and cultural experience.  Also, I enjoyed speaking with the teachers and learning together and sharing different experience with my colleagues in class.  Also, the wonderful support that was given by the facilitators.


What advice would you give someone considering going on a Destination TEFL experience.  program?

I would advise anyone that is planning to teach abroad to take this opportunity as it will assist and enhance your knowledge, skills and abilities in becoming an effective and successfully foreign language teacher.  Also, it will provide you with first hand experience teaching in a foreign country.  I believe this opportunity allowed me to grow as a foreign language teacher, by having the opportunity to speak and observe the other foreign language teachers first hand. 

What will you do next with your TESOL certification?

I am currently preparing to embark on a teaching placement in Murcia, Spain with CIEE this fall.  Also, I am considering also to do some online teaching.

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