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Say Hello to TEFL 2.0!

This month marks the debut of a new version of the CIEE TEFL 150-hour course – affectionately called TEFL 2.0. An online course should challenge students to learn new material, but also give them a unique user experience. We always ask for feedback from our trainees, and one message was clear: our homepage needed a makeover! So, we redesigned it to give each student doorways to important course locations – modules, syllabus, discussion boards, and new class hangouts.


So, what else is new?

Quizzes and assignments: Unit quizzes are now due every Sunday, while the new due date for assignments is Wednesday – a great, balanced week!

Peer reviews: Dive right into thinking like a teacher – that’s our philosophy. Each week, students complete one peer review on a colleague’s assignment. Not only will trainees have the opportunity to work together and benefit from each other’s advice, they’ll receive valuable practice giving constructive feedback and filling out a rubric.

The student lounge: Students get to know each other, discuss assignments, and plan adventures in the student lounge. Just because it’s an online class doesn’t mean you can’t make friends, relax, and bond over your shared experiences!

Getting into the classroom: Everything trainees study in the course is aimed at preparing them for the classroom – teaching is hands-on! So, we designed a place for trainees to focus their efforts on getting there: the classroom. Whether it’s sharing past experiences, updating everyone on their progress on the practicum, or asking questions about professional development, this hangout is where trainees become teachers.

Practicum submissions and evaluations: Trainees can now submit their practicum documents right on Canvas! We’ve expanded the questions for the practicum reflection as well, which is now evaluated by the class tutor, meaning more feedback and final teaching tips before heading abroad.

What's the same?

Course structure: 11 weeks, 11 modules, 7 assignments, 1 final assignment, and 1 final exam. Expect to be challenged, commit, and learn!

Weekly tutorials: Each course still has a 45-minute weekly tutorial led by the class tutor.

Practicum requirements: We still require a minimum of 20 hours of practice teaching with nonnative speakers of English, to be completed within 30 days of the course finishing.

I've got to see this for myself! How do I enroll?

150-hour courses start every two weeks! Our April courses begin on April 4th and April 18th. Start an application to reserve your spot – they’re filling up!

Want to start smaller? Our 60-hour course has open enrollment year-round.

Don’t forget to focus your teaching skills! The 30-hour specialization courses will be starting up on April 11th. Reserve your spot now!