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The Best of the Web for EFL Teachers

Here are a few tried and true websites for professional development, creating teaching materials, finding lesson plans and activities, and even a few websites that students can use outside of class.  I invite you to share your favorite online resources in the comments, too.  Your fellow teachers will thank you for it!

If you’re heading to the TESOL 2015 International Convention & English Language Expo, check out the Electronic Village to learn about the newest cutting-edge technological developments in English language teaching and training.  Be sure to check back here in April for a round-up of the most exciting Electronic Village presentations. 

Websites for TEFL professional development

TESOL International Association One of the largest professional organizations for ELT professionals in the world, TESOL offers an array of PD for EFL and ESL teachers on a wide range of topics from grammar to age-specific strategies to teaching academic English and many topics in between.  Offerings include online courses ($580 members; 665 nonmembers; $245 global members) and virtual seminars (always free for members, some $45 for nonmembers / some free for everyone). 

Colorin Colorado Made for ESL teachers in the US, this website includes teaching techniques that can be applied anywhere.  The focus is high school level academic English.  This page shows fantastic videos of classes.

Academia.edu A bit more scholarly, this is a collection of research papers related to ESL/EFL teaching.

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day . . . Professional development and tons of links to other helpful sites.  I can't overstate the awesomeness of this website.

Nik’s QuickShout Educational Technology and ELT This site is a compendium of digital tools for teaching and learning English.

Websites for lesson plans and activities

EL Civics for ESL Students  This site is useful for those teaching in the US and abroad.  It offers much more than government and US history – a great place to find lessons about US holidays, US geography, life skills and more.

Learn English Feel Good This is the link to the index to get to everything on the site: idioms, listening comprehension, pronunciation practice, business English and more.  Click here for a page with tons of worksheets on writing skills and grammar.

Boggles World When I was a new teacher I used this site on a nearly daily basis!  Worksheets, games, and full lesson plans.  Stuff for kids or adults.

Using English Lesson plans, forums, and articles can all be found here.  Click here for a page with grammar and vocabulary handouts organized by level and topic.

http://www.rong-chang.com/ This site looks kind of messy, but it actually has a good deal of useful resources, such as lesson plans, worksheets, and activities.  You'll also find sample conversations, short stories, grammar exercises, and podcasts.

ESLflow.com An old favorite of mine for worksheets and lesson plans.

The Internet TESL Journal Another old favorite of mine.  Lessons, games, jokes, etc.  Click here to get to a page with games and activities for the ESL/EFL classroom.

EnglishClub Worksheets, activities, lesson plans, teacher forums, jobs, teaching tips, etc. 

Websites for students

Many Things My students really enjoy this site.  You may want to look through first and make specific recommendations to your students so that they don’t get overwhelmed.  If your students use email, email them the link to the specific page you think would be most helpful for them.

Activities for ESL Students Grammar and vocabulary online quizzes for students to test themselves, bilingual quizzes in many languages, listening and pronunciation practice (Voice of America and YouTube), and more.

EnglishClub This is the student section of the site listed above.  Useful activities for students include videos with subtitles, live chat with other English learners, practice exercises for all four skills, vocabulary and grammar practice, and more.